Famous Musicians From Southampton

Famous Musicians From Southampton

Being a reasonably large city, it is no surprise that Southampton has had its share of successful artists and musicians. If nothing else, Southampton’s vibrant underground music scene has created great variety among the singers and songwriters that it has produced, from UK Garage singer Craig David to alternative rock act Aqualung. Even the drummer behind Chris Martin and his piano hails from this great city. Here at Piano Lessons Southampton, we love to inspire its students with stories of others’ success, so have a read and feel the motivation!

You probably won’t have heard of Isaac Watts, but you will definitely heard some of music, even if it does bring back bad memories. Think back to your childhood, it’s Tuesday morning and school have forced you all to go to Church for an hour before lunch, or your mum has dragged you into Church on Easter Sunday. By the time you’ve made it through the obligatory prayers and ‘inspiring’ sermon you’re half asleep, ready to nod off. But before you get the chance, POW!!, like Lethal Bizzle the congregation launches into a gut-rupturing rendition of ‘O God, Our Help in Ages Past’, and you are wrenched back from semi-consciousness into bleak reality. Well, you have Isaac Watts to thanks for this delightful ditty, as well as other certified bangers as ‘Alas! Did my Saviour Bleed’ and ‘My Shepherd Will Supply My Need’. Mr Watts really is a true redeemer, saving many bored kids from an inevitable scolding in their time of need. Amen to you Sir.

Louisa Rose Allen has hit it big with in the last year (2013 - 2014 for those reading from the near future). Though not bestowed with an overly-offensive name by her parents, Louisa obviously felt that her title wouldn’t suffice for the purposes of international stardom, and instead opted for the nebulas alias of ‘Foxes’. This has caused multiple instances of confusion. ‘Fleet Foxes’ for one must feel slightly put out as they arguably got there first with the fox theme, and we have to admit, Piano Lessons Southampton thought that there was more than one person in ‘Foxes’, as the plural noun (indicated by the suffix ‘es’) would suggest. But no worries, the British public seem no longer to care neither for originality nor grammatical implication as she has proved to be a big success. Fair play to her. We’re not bitter.

Band of Skulls are a band originating from Southampton that are really worth talking about. They are an English rock and blues band that originate from our very own Southampton and have built a notable following across the country with their breakout record ‘I Know What I Am’. Well you would hope that their members, Russell Marsden (guitar, vocals), Emma Richardson (bass, vocals), and Matt Hayward (drums) do know what they are, because we reckon they’re pretty damn good! All their three studio albums are well-produced and exciting, which is more than can be said about the rest of post-indie-invasion guitar outfits. If you’re into Arcade Fire/more recent Black Keys/Queens of the Stone Age, they're certainly right up your street. 

Photography: Christian Bertrand

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