Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Recording and Rehearsal Studios

It fills us with pride at Piano Lessons Southampton when one of our students does their own recordings. This article is a not-so-subtle nudge in the direction of recording and rehearsal studios that we really rate, so to ensure that you get a good deal for your money! Recording is a really valuable exercise: it ensures you perfect your performances of piano and, as keeping to the beat is vital, it really helps ensemble cohesion if you plan to play in a group!

White River Studios is a small indie studio located at 48 Leighton Road, Itchen, Southampton. It is run by Dave Phillips, Southampton’s resident Apple Pro Tools boffin and is happy sharing his expertise with prospective artists and sound engineers. You can rest assured that Dave really is the best in the business: he’s got a first class honours degree in Sound Engineering and he’s so keen to pass his knowledge on that he runs a professional Pro Tools and Midi Programming course. His studio also offers a PA renting service for those pianists that want to run their own events and if you wish to record in his studio, he’s got a Yamaha S90EX piano and Roland JV-30 keyboard upon which you can do so. All in all, Dave’s a great guy!

Purple Square Studios, located St. John’s Centre, SO15 5FB, started life ten years ago, offering free studio time to small bands and producers who wished to experience the recording process. Though they no longer offer these free sessions (although they might be persuaded), they have continued with a DIY ethic and still help many bands start out with their very reasonable session prices. With multiple room sizes to suit different scale projects, a dedicated live room (with vintage pianos!!!) that can hold up to 40 people and the ‘control room’ set up specifically for producers, flexibility appears to be at the centre of the Purple Square project. If this sounds like the studio for you, why not head down and take a look for yourselves!

Factory Rd Studios is located in Eastleigh SO50 5JJ, just a few minutes drive outside of Southampton and is probably our favourite studio in Hampshire: this studio has style! Fundamentally old-school, both in its ethos and décor, Factory Rd Studios offers a number of services such a demo and album production, mastering and mixing, as well as doubling up as a rehearsal space at only £30/4 hours! Not bad, eh? But the best thing about Factory Rd Studios, apart from the biggest mixing desk you’ll have ever seen, is its ‘Green Room’, which, with Sky TV, a PS2 and a pinball machine, is perfect to wind down in after a hard graft in the studio.

Mutant Lab Studios is not run by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as we had hoped, but does offer a pretty decent service if you’re looking to record on a budget in Southampton! One of their best services if their hire service; you can literally rent out all of their equipment including amps, PAs, microphones, drum kits and keyboards. They offer over seven services including recording, production, mixing, mastering, tracking and rehearsing, but my favourite has to be ‘Vocal Mondays’, where you literally turn up with a backing track and some vocal cords and they let your voice loose for £20/hour. If this sounds like your sort of place, please head down to 10 Bargate St, Southampton, Hampshire SO14 2DA!

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